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"To my special someone,ty for everything you do pete. It has been 7yrs since you walked into our lives.We r so blessed to have you. 6-17 '15 With much love,I love you LOVE HONOR RESPECT....Collecting MobilePet Dragon Horn Charms 148/250... 馃巻 馃巻 馃巻 Join IAATP! An awesome pet group with lots games contests and pet give aways. Come join us for our 5th of July celebration. Dress up contest, theme 4th of July. Winner wins a premium pet. Two additional contests in group too for a chance at two different other pets. If you like surfing or combing for wood for bonfire I have a contest for each of those too. 馃巻 馃巻 馃巻 WABUN IAATP 馃巹 馃巺 STCAB IT'S CHRISTMAS IN JULY 馃巹 馃巺"
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