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"● 📖🐛LOOKING FOR A BOOKWORM PLZZ📖🐛 ● 💞1 70v3 my w0nd3rfu7 Hu5b4nd, D4ught3r, 2 st3p-50n5, st3p-Gr4nd50n (b0rn 9/14/21), n G0dD4ught3r (b0rn 4/21/21)!💞 ● 🎂Bday 8/9🎂 ● 🍸Wedd Anniv 10/31🍸 ● 📱Cufversary 3/7/08📱 ● 💔RIP MY FUR BABY "NORMAN"! I LUV N MISS U!! 5/24/18-5/17/21💔 ● 👀Lookn 2 take in ne unclaimd 2D/3D pets plz, 1s I dnt hav n if I do, I can use em 4 games. TY!👀 ● 🎁If ur giftn 4 a grp topic/game, plz snd 2014 3D StmPunk Chrms (6/1,625), Milkweed Chrms (170/250), Blck Fairy Chrms (53/100), MM Ugly Sweatr Chrms 306/500 or ne othr chrms on my WL, Freedm-Oil, Oil-B-Gon, Srf Brd Wax, In Demand Offloadrs, holidy stuff (Hallo mainly n watevr currnt holidy) n Hous itms. Luv GB's 2 - HGB n OSGB. TY!🎁 ● 🔮If ud like 2 hlp me w/ ne othr Chrms, xcept Blk Roses, plz ✓ my Chrms Collction (sry dnt hav rm on my WL), I nd lots lol... I RTF wen able, TY!🔮 ● 😜THe 💡 MiTe B oN, BuT No1 MiTe B 🏡...No...ReaLY...😜"
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