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Topic Updated On 3/13/2023 [9 Replies]
Squishy hugs!!!!!thanx for stopping by (: plez come back anytime. Mad mad love ta ya from me!!!!
Topic Created on 7/9/2021
Snuggles up in our wee hammock with my monkey,Alisha wearing our favorite onesies u.u Zzzz
Topic Created on 6/28/2017
I wish cf would create a onesie with multi colored monkies on it c:
Topic Updated On 9/26/2015 [3 Replies]
Just came up with an idea to have cf create make up for us female avitars esp cuz my avi wants to wear it lol
Topic Updated On 8/17/2015 [1 Reply]
Would also like to suggest creating highlights and color steaks to purchase for our avi and chose from when we click on the change my avi option in our closet.

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