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2015 Cosmic Events Background Charm
2017 Rain Foreground Charm
Special Tankini Top - White with Blue Crescents
Summer Firefly Charm
Hard Hat - White
Blazer - Blue
Socks, Thigh High - Pink with Skulls
Socks, Thigh High Banded - Black and White
Socks, Ankle - Blue
Pink with Red Toes Ankle Socks
Purple T-Strap Chunky Heels
Summer Wave Flyaway Top
Karate Gi Pants
2014 Summer Space Charm
2014 Summer Moon Charm
Military Land Vehicles Charm
Military Air Vehicles Charm
Castle Charm
Special Ops Set 1 Item Charm
Special Ops Set 2 Item Charm
2014 Vampires Rising Item Charm
Vampires Rising Set 2 Item Charm
2014 Summer Garden Charm
2014 Summer Jungle Charm
2014 Summer Club Charm
2014 Summer Monkey Charm
2014 Summer Music Charm
2014 Summer NASA Charm
Pirate Shirt - Brown
Pink Floral Crosswrap Strapless Onepiece Swimsuit
Red Crosswrap Strapless Onepiece Swimsuit
Black and White Crosswrap Strapless Onepiece Swimsuit
Special Tankini Top - Brown with Blue Flowers
Blue Hero Mask
Super Hero Mask
Special One Piece Bathing Suit - Black with Green Frills
Special One Piece Bathing Suit - Blue Stripes
Special Tankini Top - Narrow Red, White, and Blue Stripes
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