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Chatfireflyg4: Gotta run TGIF! bbl
Chatfireflyg4: back If you sign up thru cf You have a Chance to win one of their Halloween items , thru Hallofun game here they are giving Up to 1000 of their items to cf players
Chatfireflyg4: off to do petcare bbl
Chatfireflyg4: You join and can buy virtual stuff with Real money ect... Ill pass but alot of people like it
Chatfireflyg4: the NFTs thru Replay Im talkin about
Chatfireflyg4: are u talking about the Replay thing? cf probably gets a commission or something for getting more to join/sign up with their game/website
Chatfireflyg4: off to pets, bbl Have fun
Chattweetysalty: anyone explain what is this pm link what is related from fcs?

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