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Chattwilightstreasure: You dig shigurlie28's outfit and have given shigurlie28 a big thumbs up!
ChatAbbieSunshine: While you were away, section 338 of your sand castle was completed! Sorry, you did not find a pet Green Sea Star this time.
Chatizadaisy1: Help others before helping Kitty2luv again.
Chatj1ll: *Kitty2luv* needs 3 more Sand Gatherers.You are a Sand Detailer and can't help.
Chatizadaisy1: You helped bggirl46 finish Gathering Sand!
Chatizadaisy1: You helped Yvonne0813 finish Gathering Sand!
Chatizadaisy1: You helped beercrazy finish Gathering Sand!
Chatj1ll: you are welcome *fireflyg4*

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