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Chatzoey11345: please let me know hun:) and I get it lol
ChatLaterMyCheesebags: Later i mean, hoping to sleepsoon. Exhaustionhtting hard
ChatLaterMyCheesebags: Ill look through katies blog, she has a blog of slot wins. If anyones won them itll be her lol. Im not sure any ofwhat i need is there even except mecha spider and manta ray
Chatzoey11345: not from my slots anyway
ChatLaterMyCheesebags: I have 17 pets im missing i think, so getting lots of dupes
ChatLaterMyCheesebags: Right lol. I dont think pink or blue 2d ones are in there
Chatzoey11345: cf put more 2ds in there
ChatLaterMyCheesebags: Ty my zoey, won another 3d pink dolphin too.

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