ChatCclay55: Kg tycm hun u didn't have too
ChatAbbieSunshine: Congratulations, you have reached level 81!As a reward, your current board's luster has been restored to 100, and you have been given a free tub of wax. Sorry, you did not find a pet Yellow Sea Star this time.
ChatKggatorbaby57: Thanks mill someone told me about that in pets chat so now they are gone
Chatmillenia: I guess she left. Back to beach rescue.
Chatmillenia: You also have option to scroll through all unclaimed and claim the one you want that way. Hope that helps.
Chatmillenia: New site in pet utilities*
Chatmillenia: Ppl dump pets a lot. But need site in pretty utilities at bottom of games page you have option to delete. Just watch what you're deleting, I've accidently deleted wanted pets
Chatmillenia: You can delete them on new site

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