Chattiny1314: Zoey... Hun calm down give her a chance to come back on... People did also pm her
Chatzoey11345: I went to her bonfire group and sent pms to the ones I could as well but I really want my tiger back and feeling a lil ocd right now cuz I have no way to get it back :*(
ChatSCHIZOPHRENICPSYCHO1: *schizophrenicpsycho1* need to tailers
Chattiny1314: Others are also helping hun
Chatzoey11345: tysvm tiny Im just so worried Im going to miss when her light comes on and shes going to claim it and Im just soooo sad :(((
Chatzoey11345: pleaseeeee send it back to meee pleaseeeee
Chattiny1314: I'll do whatever I can to help
Chattiny1314: Zoey... I am still on hun

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