Holiday Store - Beach Party 2022
Buying for Dokes

Note: Decorations appear in Accessories -> Backs in your closet.
Decorations require 100 Holiday Tokens.
You have 0 Holiday Tokens available to redeem.

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ChatBatty: *Batty* ad
ChatMidNightOwl: You helped treasurebandit finish Detailing Sand!
ChatJamesnbeer2022: Ok MidNightOwl
ChatMidNightOwl: off to fp!
Chatjamesnbeer: okie dokie hugs
ChatSilverAngelWolf: Ur welcome,anytime. Text if ya want. Later c:
Chatjamesnbeer: ok hugs I go log hunting again..
ChatSilverAngelWolf: Going ta log out to cook. to any and all that need and or want them bbiab

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