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Themed stores will roughly follow the holiday game schedule. That means once a store goes down in favor of the new one, you won't have access to those items until next year. Your Holiday Tokens work in any store, and they will roll over into next year's holiday season, so don't fret about that.

Finding Holiday Tokens[2]
Redeeming Holiday Tokens[3]
Sets of Items[4]

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Chatzoey11345: please let me know hun:) and I get it lol
ChatLaterMyCheesebags: Later i mean, hoping to sleepsoon. Exhaustionhtting hard
ChatLaterMyCheesebags: Ill look through katies blog, she has a blog of slot wins. If anyones won them itll be her lol. Im not sure any ofwhat i need is there even except mecha spider and manta ray
Chatzoey11345: not from my slots anyway
ChatLaterMyCheesebags: I have 17 pets im missing i think, so getting lots of dupes
ChatLaterMyCheesebags: Right lol. I dont think pink or blue 2d ones are in there
Chatzoey11345: cf put more 2ds in there
ChatLaterMyCheesebags: Ty my zoey, won another 3d pink dolphin too.

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