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Items and Upkeep
Items are used for Adventures and when battling, and can provide valuable Boosts to your game play. There are five types of items: Weapons, Protection, Ships, Loot, and Boosts. Most Items are bought with Pirate Booty, though Boosts and a few select others require FunCoins. You can sell Items back, but for Pirate Booty only.

Items for Adventures: A list of Items needed is listed under each adventure description. You can click on the link provided to buy the exact number that you need to do the adventure. Some Items can only be looted by other Adventures. Adventures where Loot can be found are marked as such.

Items for battling: For each member in your Crew, 1 Weapon, 1 Protection, and 1 Ship is used during a battle. When attacking, you automatically use the items with the best Attack. When being attacked, you automatically use the items with the best Defense.

Item Upkeep: Many Items require an hourly Upkeep. Make sure to have enough Income from Rackets to offset the Upkeep. If your net income is negative and you run out of Pirate Booty, Items will be sold for you as needed, starting with the highest Upkeep items first.
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