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Blackball List and the Lottery
Want to exact revenge on a Rival? Add them to the Blackball List and watch them suffer! Campus Wars players on the Blackball list can be challenged until they suffer a mental breakdown.

Reward: You offer a FunCoin reward to anyone who takes out your Rival. The person who successfully causes your Rival to have a mental breakdown collects the reward. Taking out players on the Blackball List is a good way to earn FunCoins.

Lottery: Anyone who puts a rival on the Blackball List is entered in the daily Lottery. Starting at 100 FunCoins, the jackpot increases as more and more people are put on the Blackball List. At the end of each day, one person entered in the Lottery wins the Jackpot. This is another good way to earn FunCoins, but you have to enter to win!
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