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"Critical Race Theory is nothing more than a despicable attempt by liberals to further separate our America. Don’t allow your school districts to teach such nonsense to our innocent children. The US is NOT systematically racist, nor were police departments developed solely to capture then return runaway slaves. Police and Sheriffs were around long before the 1850s laws libs are trying to exploit to serve their warped agenda. And remember it has always been democrats who enacted and enforced racist laws and behaviors, not Republicans. Before this hp gets you too worked up, do your research. democrats have always been and continue to be the racists by denying minorities the rightful tools to thrive independently. Minorities are nothing more than votes to the dems. Republican plans are designed to teach individuals to build productive existences through education and training. dems belief in keeping communities helpless and dependent upon government programs to further their hold on power. Research properly!"
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