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you think you can read me... but sorry I am not a book.. u think u can see the real me but he had die before I born.. u think u know me but when u even i don't myself even in this form... you think u know my hidden desire but how while I am just few feeling and immotions... so if u wanna follow something then follow the good thoughts... coz people die but their good thoughts never die...
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It is a very sad day for me. I don't know why she blocked me. But I wish and prey to my kept her safe and happy.. Be happy stay well "DIANNE1966". No Matter how much you hate me I will still love you my dear ...
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my monsters motm/143565
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need some pain killer, morphin , weed or harash, anything like DAT..
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I love to hide my tears and love to suffer other's pain... I love peace , coz it helps me to bear billions of pain with a simple smile..
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