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"6 August 95... Happily Accepting any and all Hallofun items! Collecting Homelife Charms and 3D Top Gun Charms. SBG, OBG and Freedom Oil Always Welcome Tyvm. Hated by Many, Wanted by Plenty! Disliked by Some, Confronted by NONE! If i was U, I'd wanna b me2! Y U looking me up n dwn BYTCH!! Dont u knw i WOKEUP like dis?! Im a real Bama Bell true Beauty Queen. I reign ova d SEC.I Keep d Alabama hot d MISSISSIPPI flowing n EAT GATORS 4Fun! Auburn Tigers! War Eagle! Im just living life... Let my daddy tell it im not living rite. U cnt mistake d sound my AK Makes Ratta Tat Tat Full Automatic!! Got 100 rd Clips Make All yall drop!! Looking4Me?! U find me on da block.. Wid my Thang Cocked sitting in a Drop. Sipping Hennessey n Imported beer from Germany. Y U put on a vest Ni99a?! I aim 4 da head Ni99a. Always dbl tap Ni99a! Nxt time u rise b meeting yo Maker Nigga!"
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